When your partner is becoming distant

Getting your partner to pay you more attention

Getting your partner to pay you more attention

When your partner starts to withdraw, all you want to do is latch on and stop them – but trust me – it’s the worst thing to do.

I know the feeling when you want to do something – and it’s driving you a little crazy that they haven’t called or aren’t paying you attention – but you can’t force those things by calling or sending texts that don’t make sense, just to get a response back. Or worse, picking a fight.

Your friends might tell you to be indifferent, and play hard to get – but I believe you can’t fake these things. Or they might tell you just to call them – and ask what’s going on. I don’t think this is the right advice either – as it could be a timing thing. Always be wary when someone tells you something is a good idea. A good idea with the wrong timing can be disastrous.

So here are some tangible things to do things that will not only keep your mind off the situation, but develop you so that you emit that wonderful, sexy energy that will have your partner gagging for more..

– Write down a list of things you want to do that you stopped you doing because of the relationship – things you were stopped doing, or you just put by the wayside because you were too busy lavishing attention on them and putting them first. Then put a plan in place to do them.You had a life before them- you still have a life if they haven’t called or are too busy to plan a date in with you.

– Have a hobby you always wanted to start? Now is the time – dive headfirst into it. Again put a plan in place to do it, book something in if it’s a class, or just plan in dedicated time. The idea is when they next call to see you – you’re doing other interesting stuff that doesn’t involve them, and that will make them curious. It makes you a little unpredictable which is attractive, and the best part is you’ll start to lose yourself in something you love or just gain a new skill.

– Get to the gym or work out. Get your posture fixed, its the number one thing that’s going to make you feel more confident and happy with yourself. I don’t need to harp on about the mind body connection – but you know it exists. Keep yourself healthy and active and you’ll deal with this better.

– Browse an internet dating site. Yeah you don’t need to join but we always tend to hang on to things too hard when we think there’s nothing else out there. A good site will open your eyes up to the fact that there are hot single people everywhere. You just need to change your perspective – don’t let anyone tell you a good man or woman is hard to find.

Bottom line – change the energy you’re focusing on them (believe me, they’re sensing it) and put it on yourself (they’ll sense that also – and it will be alluring).

In their withdrawing – they’re asking for space – and if you latch on – you’re being really annoying – we had it when someone does it to us – its no different for them.

They say that women marry men for the men they can become, where as men marry women for the woman they were when they met. Go back to who you were before them. Take the attention away and you’ll find they’ll be vying for it back.

Plus you’ll be unpredictable and will quietly and effectively show them that they won’t be rewarded for behaving this way.

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2 Responses to When your partner is becoming distant

  1. Great advice – and by the time you’ve rocketed your self-esteem and sparkle this way, you’ll either have won him back, or realized you’re well over him, and have moved on!

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